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Casting Grinding Balls

Short Description:

This Casting Chrome Grinding Ball is a high-quality grinding ball designed to provide superior performance and long-lasting durability. Manufactured using a high chromium alloy and carefully heat-treated to ensure optimum hardness and strength, these balls are designed to provide superior resistance to wear and corrosion. The grinding ball is designed to provide superior grinding performance in a wide range of applications, including ball mills, rod mills, and cement mills. Additionally, they are also suitable for use in various other industries such as mining, chemical processing, and industrial applications.

Product Detail

Product Description:

ZenTi casting steel balls are shaped by metal mould rather than sand mould, which makes our products have stable structure, better grinding performance and uniform sizes. Our advanced producing technology and newly invested producing lines enable our products to have higher abrasion resistance and longer life. With more than 15 years of production experiences and professional services, our products have gained remarkable good feedbacks and recognization from our clients in more than 30 counties.

Application in grinding machines and areas:

·Ball mills / Vertical mills

·Mineral processing plants

·Mining industry

·Power stations

·Cement industry

·Steel Industry

Why choose us:

·High Hardness: Surface hardness: 57-66HRC, Core hardness: 43-65HRC

·Wide Sizing Range: From 10mm to 130mm.

·High Impact Value: More than 4J / cm2.

·Uniform Products: Stable structure and uniform sizes.

·Quality Control: Frequent test before delivery.

·Customized Package Service: Package in steel drums, bags, and containers.

Products features:

General Information
Product NameCasting Grinding Balls
HS Code7325910000
Size Range10-130mm
SpecificationCr (1%-32%) alloying grinding balls/ Ductile cast iron balls
Surface   Hardness45-65HRC
Impact Value>4J/cm2
Breakage Rate   (%)≤1% (some products lower than   2%)
Dropping TestStricter than  Industrial standard
PackagingBags, Steel  drums, Containers

Chemical Composition (%)
Cr (23-30%) alloying grinding balls2.0-3.3≤1.20.3-1.523.1-30.0≤3.0≤0.06≤0.10
Cr (18-23%) alloying grinding balls2.0-3.3≤1.20.3-1.518.1-23.0≤3.0≤0.06≤0.10
Cr (14-18%) alloying grinding balls2.0-3.3≤1.20.3-1.514.1-18.0≤3.0≤0.06≤0.10
Cr (10-14%) alloying grinding balls2.0-3.3≤1.20.3-1.510.1-14.0≤3.0≤0.06≤0.10
Cr (7-10%) alloying grinding balls2.1-3.3≤2.20.3-1.57.0-10.0≤1.0≤0.06≤0.10
Cr (4-6%) alloying grinding balls2.1-3.3≤1.50.3-1.54.0-6.0≤1.0≤0.10≤0.10
Cr (1-3%) alloying grinding balls2.1-3.6≤1.50.3-1.51.0-3.0≤1.0≤0.10≤0.10
Ductile cast iron balls (Bainite)3.2-3.82.0-3.52.0-3.0--≤0.03≤0.10
Ductile cast iron balls (Martensite)3.2-3.80.5-1.50.5-1.5--≤0.03≤0.10
Physical Features
NameSurface Hardness (HRC)Core Hardness (HRC)Impact Value (J/cm2)Breakage Rate (%)Diameter (mm)
Cr (23-30%) alloying grinding balls58-6555-65≥4≤1.010-130
Cr (18-23%) alloying grinding balls58-6555-65≥4≤1.0
Cr (14-18%) alloying grinding balls58-6555-65≥4≤1.0
Cr (10-14%) alloying grinding balls58-6555-65≥4≤1.0
Cr (7-10%) alloying grinding balls≥48≥45≥4≤1.9
Cr (4-6%) alloying grinding balls≥47≥44≥4≤1.9
Cr (1-3%) alloying grinding balls≥45≥43≥4≤2.0
Ductile cast iron balls (Bainite)≥50≥48≥4≤2.0
Ductile cast iron balls (Martensite)≥52≥49≥4≤2.0

Package and shipment:


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