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Successful Outcomes in Chile EXPOMIN

Mr. Kenny Li, Sales Director of Jinan ZenTi Heavy Industry led the team to attend the EXPOMIN in Santiago, Chile from April 24th to 27th. The latest grinding steel balls, rods and foundation bolts developed by the company were successfully exhibited during this period, attracting attention from many domestic and foreign enterprises. This was not only an important opportunity for our team to show its strength, but also an important opportunity for us to follow up the previous technological R&D results and expand the mining product market in South America.

At this exhibition, our team brought the latest R&D products and achievements to global attending customers. These products are specially designed to meet the needs of mining, and are also conducive to the upgrading and optimization of the industrial chain. It has professional performance design and can meet the very high performance standards of the mine. Our grinding steel balls, rods, and foundation with  outstanding product quality and performance have made our company stand out in customer focus. During the exhibition, customers gave objective evaluations and feedback on the latest products, which enabled the whole team to return with great success.

As a manufacturer of mine grinding media products, our company takes customer demand as its orientation, committing to quality improvement, technological innovation and technical innovation; takes technological innovation and quality management as its core, constantly enhances the performance and quality of products, in order to meet customer requirements for steel ball, steel bar, bolt and other products; wraps the quality in the overall control process of the company, strictly checks, and provides services of "more stable, more credible and closer to users". Based on the excellent product control of our company as well as mature and stable product performance, we will continue to provide more efficient grinding solutions to customers, and continuously enhance user experience and after-sales service. We believe that, with more customers paying attention and support, we will become the pioneer of sustainable development with higher reliability and credibility in the overall supply chain of mining products.

The journey to EXPOMIN has come to an end. Its expansion of the market in South America will take a step further. We will continusely leverage our strong team, high-quality products and professional technology to serve customers and the market as always with the belief of "transmitting trust and creating the future". Grasping the development of the times, perpetuating the quality and providing quality products to support the process of mining development in Chile and other regions, and fully exert its technical advantages to support the future. Here, our company expresses sincere gratitude to countless customers for their attention and support, and looks forward to working with customers in the future to make full use of its technological advantages and achieve "transmitting trust and creating the future"!

Post time:May-03-2023


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