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A Big Step in Latin American Market

The news of Jinan ZenTi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. signing a contract with a local agency company at the Santiago International Mining Exhibition in Chile is exciting. During the exhibition, our company had friendly exchanges with the local agency company and provided detailed introductions of our products, technologies, and development history. The local agency company showed strong interest in the products showcased by Jinan ZenTi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. as well as the services provided.

After in-depth discussions between both parties, following the successful conclusion of the Santiago International Mining Exhibition in Chile, our company officially reached a cooperation agreement with the local agency company. This collaboration will be beneficial for Jinan ZenTi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. to expand into the South American market and further broaden its scope of international trade.

The content of the cooperation agreement covers mutual efforts to promote and sell our company's products, as well as strategic planning for future markets. This is an important milestone for our company's long-term development, as the South American market has been considered a high-potential growth market, and establishing cooperation with a strong local agent will enhance our product's competitiveness in the South American market.

Through the collaboration with the local agency company, our company will be able to fully utilize their reputation and customer network in the Chilean market. As a renowned supplier of mining equipment in Chile, the local agency company possesses extensive industry experience and a wide customer base. This collaboration will enable our company to work with local industry leaders, gain better insights into local market demands, and provide customized solutions.

Post time:May-12-2023


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