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We Collaborate with Local Universities to Foster Talent Development, Addressing Graduate Employment

Jinan ZenTi Heavy Industry recently entered into a significant partnership with local universities, aiming to tackle the issue of graduate unemployment and provide comprehensive support for their career development. As a company committed to ongoing growth and innovation, we understand the significance of talent to an organization and recognize the challenges that graduates face in today's fiercely competitive job market.

In the month of June, we actively participated in university recruitment presentations and engaged in in-depth discussions with university authorities regarding graduate employment and career development. Through these interactions, we realized that collaboration between educational institutions and businesses is crucial to resolving the issue of unemployment. In light of this, we collaborated with the universities to establish a long-term talent development program, which seeks to offer more job opportunities aligned with students' majors and cultivate talent in accordance with the specific workforce requirements of companies.

One key aspect of the talent development program is providing career counseling and vocational skills training services to graduates. We understand that, during the initial stages of their professional journey, graduates often face uncertainties regarding their career paths and may experience skills gaps. Therefore, we will provide personalized career development counseling to assist graduates in identifying their professional goals and formulating appropriate development plans. Additionally, we will organize vocational skills training workshops to help graduates enhance critical skills and improve their competitiveness in the job market.

This collaboration holds significant importance for Jinan ZenTi Heavy Industry and the local universities. For the universities, our involvement will provide more practical opportunities and employment positions that align with specific disciplines, thereby fostering the deepening of collaborations between academia and industry. For our company, this collaboration means that we will have the opportunity to discover exceptional talent that meets our company's needs from the pool of graduates, laying a solid foundation for our sustainable growth.

Moving forward, we will continue to maintain a strong partnership with local universities, working hand in hand to address graduate employment challenges and promote mutual growth and development.

Post time:Jun-03-2023


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