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A Big Success in The Mining World Russia

From April 23rd to April 25th, 2024, Jinan ZenTi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. achieved great success at the Russian Mining Exhibition held in Moscow. As one of the participating companies, our company dispatched an elite team showcasing our latest products and technologies in the field of grinding and crushing.

During the exhibition, our booth became a focal point, attracting the attention of numerous visitors with our products such as grinding balls, grinding rods, and anchor bolts. Various advanced mining wear-resistant materials and equipment demonstrated our company's technological strength and innovation in the fields of mineral processing, chemical industry, cement, and solid waste treatment.

Experts, entrepreneurs, and visitors from the mining industry worldwide flocked to our booth. Our technical experts and sales team actively interacted with visitors, engaging in in-depth discussions about product features, technical details, and potential collaborations, showcasing our company's professionalism and innovation.

Throughout the exhibition, we engaged in extensive discussions and reached several cooperation agreements with numerous Russian companies. Some expressed their interest in becoming agents for our products, laying a solid foundation for our company's expansion in the Russian market. We are committed to maintaining close communication with these partners, working together to explore the market and achieve mutual benefits.

In addition to the exhibition, after its conclusion, some important clients invited us to dinner. In this relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we deepened our communication with clients, further enhancing trust and friendship. Subsequently, these clients took us on a tour of Moscow's famous landmarks, allowing us to appreciate the cultural charm and historical significance of the city. Moreover, they also arranged visits to their companies, providing us with deeper insights into the Russian mining market's situation and development trends.

Through our successful participation in the Russian Mining Exhibition, Jinan ZenTi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. once again established a positive corporate image, expanding our reputation and influence in the international market. We will continue to uphold the principles of "professionalism, innovation, cooperation, and mutual benefit," constantly improving product quality and service standards, and providing customers with superior solutions, thus contributing to the development and progress of the global mining industry.

Post time:May-05-2024


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