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Team Build-up activity: “Pint ball war”

This week, our team put together an exciting pinball tournament on the hilltop of Mountain Hu. The tournament was held on 15th Nov 2022 and was organized by our HR team. A total of 36 staff members and their families participated in the tournament, bringing their enthusiasm and energy to the competition. The competition was intense, with each staff member giving their all in an effort to win the tournament. The winner of the tournament was rewarded with a gift card to a local restaurant. Throughout the tournament, our team was actively sharing updates and posts on our company's social media platforms. The posts featured photos and videos of the tournament, along with exciting updates on the progress of the competition. These posts helped to generate a high level of engagement from both our staff and external followers. The tournament was a great success in fostering team spirit and collaboration among our staff. Everyone had a great time, and the atmosphere was filled with friendly competition and camaraderie. We’d like to thank everyone who participated and helped to make the tournament a success. We look forward to hosting more team-building events in the future!


Post time:Jan-31-2023


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