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Social Responsibility

Warm Elderly Campaign

On Jan 14th, 2023, our company launched a program to help elderly people in the community. Our goal was to provide food and gifts and assistance to ensure that elderly people in the community get more cared and have better living quality during Spring Festival. We began by contact the local community committee which provide the list of elderly people who most need help. Then, we provided financial assistance and food to them directly. We also organized a variety of volunteering activities, such as providing transportation assistance, delivering meals, and providing companionship. One of our volunteers, Mrs. Xu, was particularly passionate about the cause. She contacts the local community committee every week to know the feedback of our elderly people program and help with projects like painting the walls and organizing activities. He also developed a strong bond with many of the elderly people she met, such as Mrs. Ma, a 78-year-old woman who does not have stable income. With Mrs. Xu’s help, Mrs. Ma was able to stay active and independent in her home. She helped her with tasks like grocery shopping, taking her to doctor's appointments, and even accompanying her on walks around the neighborhood. Our efforts have made a positive impact on the lives of elderly people in the community, and we look forward to continuing our work to support them in the future.


Post time:Jan-31-2023


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