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Environmental Protection

Environmental campaign:

On 10th Sep 2022, our company launched an environmental campaign to help protect our local environment. Our goal was to combat the littering and pollution that was damaging our mountains and rivers. The weather was sunny and warm, and we gathered in the park near our office to begin our campaign. We began by organizing a series of events to raise awareness of the issue and inspire people to take action. Our CEO, Jason Li and Head of Sales, Kelly Liu, gave an inspiring speech about the importance of protecting our environment. We also held seminars and workshops to educate people about the issue, and we organized a series of hikes and river clean-ups to engage people in the cause. Our employees and their kids were particularly passionate about the cause and spent countless hours picking up rubbish on mountains and rivers. They worked tirelessly to remove debris from our waterways and to clean up the trails on our mountains. We also provided our employees with the necessary protective equipment, such as gloves, hand sanitizers, and masks, to ensure their safety. We were proud to see the positive impact that our efforts had on the environment. Our employees had removed hundreds of bags of rubbish from the rivers and mountains, and their hard work had helped restore the beauty of our local environment. In the end, everyone was tired but with a big smile on their face. At that moment, we believe all parents have taught their children a remarkable lessons of environmental protection by their actions. This environmental campaign was a success, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to protect our environment in the future.

Post time:Jan-31-2023


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